Roofing Rates Madison WI

Roofing Rates Madison WI

Roofing rates Madison WI are pretty competitive across the board. When you compare the roofing rates Madison WI to southern regoins, roofing rates Madison WI are actually higher. Why the higher rates? Material cost, labor rates, and seasons all affect the roofing rates in northern states, particularly the roofing rates Madison, WI.

Material cost is a major factor when roofing contractors figure their rates. Sales taxes are different in almost every state and that cost is passed on to the consumer. Also, some roofs in Madison WI are required by the Wisconsin Uniform Building Code to have ice barrier installed the eaves. States down south aren’t required to have ice barrier on most, if not all, of their roofs. Madison WI roofs are subject to winter conditions that are far worse than those in southern States, which is why ice barrier is needed around Madison WI.

Roofing rates Madison WI also vary depending on who they hire to perform the labor. If the roofing contractor has W2 employees performing the work, you can expect higher bids because of insurance and other overhead costs. Some roofing contractors will hire subcontractors to perform the work, but you should always ask if the subcontractor carries their own liability and workers compensation policy in case someone gets hurt on your property. Roofing insurance is one of the most expensive insurance policies a business can get. It’s the dangerous work environment that keeps the rates high. If a roofer breaks his/her hand, they are rendered useless on future roofing projects until they’ve healed. They are covered by workers compensation until they are healed.

Some roofing rates Madison WI can be pretty low compared to others because they don’t have the same overhead expenses as some of the bigger companies. Just because those roofing rates Madison WI are low doesn’t always mean it’s a better deal though. If you collect a few bids and see one of the roofing rates Madison WI to be much lower or higher than the others, you should question it. Some roofing rates Madison WI are set low to look more appealing to prospective customers, but can turn into a disaster in the end for the homeowner. Go to the next page to see a sample calculator for how roofing rates Madison WI are calculated.

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